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    photo: anna wegelin /  illustrations: bitstrip

    I remember one day when I came into the office, being grumpy and my end level friend & office-mateFabian Hart was just like, "Oh have you checked out that Bitstrips App yet" and I was like fuck no & I'm not planning to. But then I got bored and suddenly I fell in love with bitstrips. This App includes everything I adore, Bacon, Meatballs and the best thing is I can share all of that with my friends. It's fun and I look exactly like my Avatar! You guys should try it. Btw I've changed one of those subtitles. Guess which one it is? 
    Beanie: Falkenhagen
    Shirt: COS

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     Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom 
    I'm aNasty Gal for sure, but what do nasty gals like the most? Fun of course, all the time 24/7. 
    What better place to have fun than in an amusement park? The Hamburger Winter Dom is one of my favorites. Oh Baby I know it's cold outside, but you can keep yourself warm by drinking Glühwein. 
    Tipsy and nasty? Let's do this! 

    Styling: Anna Wegelin 
    Major Chain: Nasty Gal
    Ca$hmere Sweater: Vintage
    Skirt: Max Mara
    Shoes: Adidas
    Beanie: Falkenhagen

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  • 12/09/13--05:15: PENG PENG / YSL

  • Sundays are Fundays. And this Sunday I was playing around with my early Xmas prezzies Santa baby brought me last week. He got me my favorite lipstick no.13 and the super fine nail polish no.1 by YSL. Seems like I haven't been that naughty this year, thank you Santa honey.

    photosanna wegelin

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  • 12/13/13--14:28: TISSUE MAGAZINE NO.4

  • The wait is over y'all! The new issue of Tissue Magazine is out. No.4 features contributions from no one else than Olivier Zham, Maxime Ballesteros, Tim Brüning, Sasha Kurmaz and many more kick ass people. Keep up the good work Uwe and MelYAnie aka MelYOdie. Tissue is great and I love that you guys represent Hamburg City. Booya. Make sure to get your copy here.

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  • 12/17/13--06:30: I'M OUT THAT H-TOWN, BISHES
  • photosanna wegelin / mom

    I'm from Hamburg ya bishes, and if you're friends of mine you can call me Bacon, Fancay Bacon. Straight flexin from Hamburg, swagglin' with extra Bacon and Maple Syrup on top. Booya.  

    Bacon Top- Nylon
    Sweatband- Wu Tang Muthafucker

    photos: annawegelin / mom

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  • 01/14/14--01:46: HARTFEST

  • I might had a little too much fun at the Hartfest last Friday, well at least it feels like, I had the baddest muscle ache ever the next day. So I guess the dancing was good. Fabian Hart did a mad job creating this feast for his relaunch of, damn Bro my biggest respect for an end level line up with Lorin Sylvester Strohm, Ada and goddess Aerea Negrot. I liked it so much, I was hoping it would never end. You peeps should make a move and check out his new page, it’s ridiculously good!

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  • 01/14/14--08:48: CREAMY AND ICEY

  • photos: Anna Wegelin

    I’m literally eating ice cream leftovers while I’m writing this post. I did this photography work for my buddy Fabian, who collaborated with Häagen Dazs for his Relaunch Party Hartfest. It was fun working with ice cream, maybe a bit challenging, but I guess it worked out, righty? 

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  • 01/21/14--15:22: SORRY...TEMPORARILY VEGAN

  • photos: Anna Wegelin

    And NO I’m not doing this because I’ve lost a bet to Gwyneth Paltrow, but why the phuck I decided to become temporarily vegan? I mean people & good friends know me as Fancay Bacon. I create mad dishes with that tasty & fatty piece of pork, I eat bacon whenever I can, I live bacon, I AM BACON. 
    So I’m not sure if I lost my mind, but I’m doing this for real, Vegan to the Max. 
    I know it’s shocking, but let me explain myself. I adore food, every time I cook, I feel like a wizard. There is this magical moment when you combine ingredients without any crazy hustlin’ and BOOM all of a sudden you create some badass cuisine.
    So food is cool, we got that, right? But to love food, you have to know food. Love, respect, knowledge and awareness. I think that is exactly what we need to make good & reasonable choices. So basically I’m leaving my comfort zone to broaden my mind. And for now, after the second day of eating vegan I feel super fine!

    If you folks have any thoughts or recommendations, do not hesitate to share them with me...thanks ya! To be continued... 

    photos: Anna Wegelin

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    Photos / GIF: Anna Wegelin 

    Vegan, lookin' good and feelin' fine, at least this is how I feel after 10 days. My skin looks nice, I feel fresh and I'm super excited and enthusiastic about living vegan. I'm aware of my decisions and that feels awesome, it's like some extra superpower I gained.
    I have been a little busy lately, so hadn't the chance to do some proper cooking, but I managed to cook following vegan dishes.
    Creamy Hummus with Avocado, roasted Peanuts and fried Tofu. Chili con Tofu. Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Chickpeas. Tofu Ragout and Hummus again with dried Tomatoes and Veggies. I also made a Pea Soup, but I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture.   
    As you might can see I'm madly in love with Hummus, I could easily live vegan without a biggie for the next few months. What do you folks think, should I do a Hummus for Lovers special? -

    Photos / GIF: Anna Wegelin 

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  • 02/04/14--13:30: RAINBOW KICKASS, ANYONE?

  • photos / GIF: Anna Wegelin

    LOOK AT MY NEW BABIES! Aren't they gorgeous? And wearing them with white knee socks feels like a cherry on top. Can’t wait to do some Baby Angel Rainbow dancing soon. What do you guys think, do you like them as much as I do?

    Shoes- Nylon Shop
    Socks- Falke

    photos / GIF: Anna Wegelin

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  • 02/12/14--10:55: MARINATED TOFU! YA!

  • Photos / Video: Anna Wegelin

    I have some bad news for you guys, I ended my longterm relationship with my first & big love Bacon. 
    But you don’t have to worry about me, I’m not heartbroken at all. I already felt head over heels for this other thingy called Vegan.  
    And do you know what Vegan and I love the most? It’s marinated Tofu. Here comes the recipe-

    It’s so simple it’s not even worth the writing, but here we go. You will need following things for the marinate: tofu, soya sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic, lemon and a hot barbecue sauce. Mix all those ingredients and pour it over the tofu, I used smoked tofu, it’s most def my favorite. 
    Put the marinated tofu for about 30 minutes into the preheated oven (180 degrees). I’m sure there are many more great marinate recipes out there, but those were the only things I had at home and it worked damn fine. 

    I served my vegan yumminess with sesame, black rice noodles, grated cucumbers and fresh spinach. Sounds pretty healthy, right? Enjoy guys!

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    photos / food: Anna Wegelin  

    A luscious, warm, caramel-coated freshly baked Apple Tart with a glass of homemade harmonious and pleasant Cassis just in time for some afternoon pleasure, sounds good, huh? 

    But this creation wasn’t only made to satisfy my liquor or sugar needs. I made all that in cooperation with the remarkableSchirn Magazineto revive the grateful artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Mostly known as a painter, but surprise surprise he was also a devoted chef. 
    After he passed away his dearest friend Maurice Joyant decided to write a cookbook with all the recipes Lautrec created. It’s called “The Art of Cuisine“ and it’s most def worth a look. You will find more pictures, the recipes and all the other Bloggers de Montmartre up on Schirn Magazine. Enjoy!

    photos / food: Anna Wegelin  

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    photos / gif / food: Anna Wegelin

    I love getting touchy with food and it sounds ridiculous to me that some people feel uncomfortable preparing their food. I know folks who are bitching around eewww this and eewww that all the time. 
    For me, food is so much more than the taste. It's about texture, colors, shape, the smell, structure and the touch. I think it's crazy pants not noticing the beauty of a vegetable or fruit. You guys don't have to be on LSD for that, just open your eyes and use your senses. Trust me, it's so much nicer to have a healthier relationship with something you're doing at least three times a day. Just sayin'. 
    But what you see up here wasn't just a touchy & colorful celebration of food magic. It was also a mad vegan& delicious dish you should all try. 

    You need several veggies like carrots, broccoli & snow peas. Start frying the carrots, with loads of garlic on a high heat. Give them a few minutes and then deglaze it with rice vinegar and teriyaki sauce. After that I added broccoli, the snow peas, lime juice, leek, zucchini, cilantro, parsley and Szechuan tofu to it. That already sounds pretty good right? I felt like serving them veggies with rice noodles and I topped my dish with pistachio nuts for some nutritional power. BOOM! Enjoy.

    photos / gif / food: Anna Wegelin

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    photo/gif: Anna Wegelin / Karina

    Check out my fancy new skirt ya. I bought it last weekend atMONKI while I was djing at the store here in Hamburg. I think it's the perfect bottom to disco all night long. So YES SIR, I CAN BOOGIE BUT I NEED A CERTAIN SONG!
    Top-Nasty Gal

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    photos / food: Anna Wegelin & Fabian Hart

    Hi Guys! Welcome to my brand new category LAX WITH...This one is all about cooking and drinking with lovers & friends. For a super kickoff I’ve cooked for Tara Dougans in the magnificent Gorki Apartments while I was staying in Berlin over the weekend. Even though it's located in the heart of Berlin Mitte, it's a great escape for retreat and relaxation.

    Tara is a Berlin-based illustrator and digital artist from Canada. I got to know her when we both lived in Amsterdam. She is mad talented, she did collaborations with Showstudio, Nowness and many other great names. She is a total babe and I’m very happy to have her as a good friend. 
    Me & my buddy hubbyFabian Hart, who was traveling with me, decided to serve her a dish, that makes her go banana. We created a vegan curry based on buckwheat, carrots (or "Möhren" as we name them in Germany) and tofu. We called our creation Möhriah Currey, clearly influenced by writing magician & Dreamlover Fabian Hart.

    The Recipe goes like this: Cook the buckwheat, fry it afterwards and deglaze it with banana juice.
    Oh yeah that’s right I said banana. Add shallots, garlic, lime juice, curry powder, smoked tofu, chili and fresh bananas. For even more freshness we put a crispy carrot tatar flavored with dill on top. Our choice of final finishing were crushed peanuts. Sounds like Banana Land, righty? It was truly good, sweet, but still savory. You have to try it. 

    Do not forget to top it with glitter, otherwise you won’t make it through the rain, if not don’t worry you always will be my baby, honey. Thank god I found you and now touch my body, cause I’m that chick tonight.
    I'm wearing a Fade to W Jacket by Weekday
    and breathtaking Jewellery by Bjørg
    Tara wears Jewellery byBjørgand Sabrina Dehoff

    photos / food: Anna Wegelin & Fabian Hart  

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    photo by lovely Katja Hentschel

    How do you like my "Getting Some Lunch" look, huh? It felt so good to kick off the belly top season last weekend. We had lovely weather in Berlin & Hamburg. Reason enough to pull out some fine & shiny glitter stuff to celebrate the first spring days while hangin' with my friends. Speaking of spring, I'm the happiest person ever these days, full of energy and ready to let them butterflies fly. 

    Trench - Stine Goya
    Skirt & Jacket - Monki 
    Bag - Nasty Gal
    Sunnies - Mykita
    Thug Life Top - Weekday

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  • 03/17/14--23:56: BODY STOP

  • photos: Fabian Hart / Post: Anna Wegelin 

    Have you ever had the chance to visit Kiel up here in North Germany? Well I did. I spent my whole weekend in this beautiful harbor town. My BrofficeFabian& I followed the invite of a food & spa pleasure trip provided by the lovely Birke Hotel. 

    To be honest, when we came there, this place felt like a greyish small town hotel to me. SO WRONG! Don’t judge a book by its cover, what a major mistake. I ended up being in love with this resort. 
    Hotel Birke is over generations in family hands, the way they work is delicate, the food they offer is seasonal, freshly prepared and fair. They put so much love, thought and devotion in everything that I felt people there want the best for my body and mind. A body stop as its best. 

    Dress -Monki
    photosFabian Hart  / Post: Anna Wegelin 

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  • 03/23/14--02:26: STILL VEGAN YA

  • photos / food: Anna Wegelin 

    Yes Yes Y’all I’m still doing my vegan thingy. Mostly I stick with them veggies or pulses like chickpeas, but last night I’ve tried my very first vegan fake cheese. The texture was pretty smooth and the taste nutty. Although it was nice, those cheese, meat, fish substitutes are not really working for me. 
    During my 9 weeks of eating vegan I had 3 exceptions. One of it was last weekend while I was in Kiel.
    We were eating Seafood, like mussels all day long. We’ve been fishing them ourselves from an environmentally sustainable mussel farm, but I will tell you more about that tomorrow.

    What you see up here, are my food highlights of the 10 past days.
    1. Pomegranate salad with apple, smoked tofu, cilantro and a lemon dressing.
    2. Hummus made with chickpeas & kidney beans, served with glazed red onions and smoked tofu, again. 
    3. Pizza Pizza Pizza, I’m a total pizza slut. The pizza was so good, you will see more of it in another post. 
    4. Eggplant ragout to the finest. Made with loads of fresh tomatoes. Served with crispy fried natural tofu, an overload of herbs and pistachio.    
    5. Baked thyme sweet potato chips, with freshly crushed pepper, smoked sea salt and topped with dill. Guys, those chips were mad good. Foodgasm to the max.

    I guess my vegan food life is a pretty good one, righty

    photos / food: Anna Wegelin 

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  • 03/24/14--09:07: BAKED SWEET POTATO CHIPS
  • photos / food: Anna Wegelin

    I love snacking chips while watching movies. Oh yeah and you know what? I like them crunchy, hand cooked and with a thick cut. Last night I’ve been watching Anchorman 2, damn that movie was hilarious! That moment when Kanye showed up, haha so good! So the movie was fine, but the fact I had premium homemade chips next to me made the movie even better. 
    Crispy thyme sweet potato chips, baked and served with smoked sea salt, crushed pepper and fresh dill. There is no need for any other words, those chips were simply MIND BLOWING.

    They’re slightly tricky to make, but if you have your eye on them, everything should work out. 
    I completely fucked up my first load, so I know what I’m talking about. Anyhow, get your oven ready for some sweet potato action. Heat the oven up to 150 degrees. Slice and dice them potatoes as thin as you can. They will turn out thick anyway :) Brush them tenderly with olive oil and spread the thyme. Leave the potatoes in the oven for like 30 minutes, now reduce the heat down to 100 degrees and give them  another 30 minutes. Season your chips with salt, pepper and fresh dill. 

    Btw: The sweet potato ranked highest in nutritional value. That’s quite a ding ding jackpot right? 
    Bon Appétit Folks! 

    photos / food: Anna Wegelin

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    photos: Anna Wegelin / Fabian Hart (made with a Canon Mark II and a Contax T2) 

    Believe it or not, but Kiel truly felt like foodie wonderland to me. So when I heard we will get the chance to harvest mussels from an environmentally sustainable farm called oceanBasis, I was literally the first one who jumped into those ridiculously looking orange suits, ready to earn those freshwater ‘Kieler Förde Mussels’.
    It was the perfect day for this experience and I was fascinated to learn more about mussels.
    Did you guys know that mussels who are freshly harvested are not foul when they're cooked but still closed? Mostly the internal muscles are just too strong. More than that you can eat them all year long! Good news, huh?

    When we got back to our lovely accommodation, Hotel Birke served us what we just earned. All that made them taste even more delicious. Slow Food, organic, good, clean and local. Simply the most excellent way to eat seafood. Thank you Hotel Birke for this kick ass program, it was such a highlight! And there is so much more to say about oceanBasis, guess I will do that tomorrow, okay probably not tomorrow but soon!

    photos: Anna Wegelin / Fabian Hart (made with a Canon Mark II and a Contax T2) 

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