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  • 03/27/14--14:06: I JUST LOVE IT
  • photos: Anna Wegelin 

    YES, I really do love food. Sometimes I love food even more than I love people :) I’ve been photographing these things today, but there was no big thought or set up behind this, I just tried to capture the beauty of the food I had in my kitchen. Pistachio, white egg-plant and a Santa Claus melon. Isn’t the melon mad beautiful? Every time I work with food it just feels right, I'm not really sure where this leads me to, but my stomach signals good vibes. Eat more. Love more. Be happy. 

    photos: Anna Wegelin

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  • 04/02/14--03:36: PA PA POWER / ENERGY ANYONE?

  • photos / GIFS: Anna Wegelin

    A raw, vegan, gluten-dairy-wheat-sugar free, 100 % organic energy bar anyone? Yes yes y'all I did some cray cray energy bar shopping the other day. High in energy and deliciously yummy. What more can you ask for? But you know whats even nicer than those fancy bars? A homemade nutritional power punch bar! They are so easy peasy healtheezy to make. The energy bar I created includes roasted peanuts, dark chocolate, agave syrup, pumpkin seeds and the RECIPE goes like this.

    Peel your peanuts and roast them with a good amount of agave syrup for 25 minutes in the oven (200 degrees). Make sure they stick to each other. They will need time to cool down before you do the chocolate coating. Melt your dark chocolate in a water bath and pour it over the peanuts, I did the extra topping on the warm chocolate side with pumpkin seeds, but feel free to exchange the pumpkin seeds with anything you like better. 
    My energy bars tasted heavenly good, I’m just mad addicted to peanuts and if they’re coming with a sweet coat, lord have mercy on me!

    If you don’t have the time to make your on bars, you will find great alternatives out there. TheRawmeo balls are so good. The Mahalo bar taste like a high quality kick ass bounty. I was just WHOOP. Mind-blowing! I liked the Thumps Up packaging, but the bar itself was crazy sweet. I was in shock for a few minutes. You can find a great choice of bars in your local Veganz store. If you’re from Hamburg you should check out that cute vegan store called bevegend. Happy energy time everyone!

    photos / GIFS: Anna Wegelin

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  • 04/09/14--01:19: I GO BANANAS FOR SPRINGTIME

  • Photos: Anna Wegelin   Helping Hand: 
    Karina Y.

    Who wants to go bananas with me, huh? It's springtime y'all, everything is blooming and so is my desire for some craziness. I wanna have a good time, hanging out with my boys and my girls, going nuts on the weekends.
    And I will do all that dressed in my new spring coat. Lucky me! I found the most beautiful jacket of all times. I bought it at Kleidermarkt here in Hamburg. It's made out of silk, it's quilted, quite girlish, but still pretty bad ass. 
    Looking good, feeling fine, cloud 9 let's do this. Springtime, it's on! More Banana Stories up to come.

    Silk Jacket- Kleidermarkt, Silk Blouse-Vintage, Skirt-& Other Stories, Bag- Nasty Gal 

    Photos: Anna Wegelin   Helping Hand: Karina Y. 

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  • 04/10/14--09:30: BANANA CAKE IS FOR LOVERS

  • Photo / Food: Anna Wegelin 

    This cake here isn’t your average banana breadish loaf, nahh. What you see is a gluten free, vegan, end level cake. Oh yeah I can work them bananas like no other, I got that magical banana land power. But no worries folks, I will share that power with you. All you need to do is this, get like fifteen bananas for the ‘filling’. The more the better. I used a gluten free dough mix for my pastry and I added following ingredients- Soft dates, walnuts, almond milk, vegan butter and brandy, yes yes ya like like liquor, like like like liquor.

    Mix all that in a bowl, roll out the dough to a thickness of about 5 mm and cover the baking tray with it. I ended up having a firm dough, so don’t use too much butter or almond milk. Think of a pizzaish dough, that’s what we want. Trust me, them soft baked bananas will work heavenly good with a crunchy chocolate covered dough.
    Anyhow, what I did next is that I melted down the dark chocolate in a hot water bath (200 gram). 
    Then simply pour it over the dough, spread them bananas, and sprinkle maple syrup on them. Leave your cake for about 45 minutes in the oven (180 degrees). Now feel free to go bananas with your sweetest taboo. Bon Appétit you guys. 

    Raw ingredient guess-  400 gram of flour, 125 butter, 200 gram dates, 100 gram walnuts, 150 ml almond milk, 15 bananas, 200 gram chocolate, maple syrup, ohh and take as much liquor as you want. 

    Photo / Food: Anna Wegelin

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  • 04/11/14--08:15: YOU CAN'T TOUCH MY CABBAGE
  • Photos: Anna Wegelin, Helping Hand: Karina Y.

    Me, myself and my cabbage. Yes you can look, but you can't touch. Seriously guys, we gotta say goodbye to some winter vegetables. So this here is the last call for savoy cabbage, cause this veggie only runs from november to april. You better get them roulades ready to be rolled. I might celebrate the end of the season with a vegan & homemade coleslaw salad made with white cabbage.Yum!
    By the way, I served my leafy green cabbage with a portion of Ethel Vaughn.Trust me, this deliciousness goes with everything and it runs all year long. Fashion, looking good, eating fine.

    Photos: Anna Wegelin, Helping Hand: Karina Y.

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    Photographer :Anna Rose
    #Smilestorm. Stop hating. With kindness. 

    A delighted campaign boosted by Glamour Magazine, Germany. And yes I can, you can, in fact we all should stop bitching and hating around. I believe in karma, love, good energy and peace and what goes around, comes around. So put your cutie, honey boo boo smile upon your face and spread some love. It's really not that hard. 
    For more information check out Glamour's latest issue or enjoy #smilestorm on instagram.

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  • 04/16/14--10:04: BACK TO BANANA LAND
  • Photos / Styling / Food : Anna Wegelin 

    What can I say? Them bananas make me go bananas! 

    So every night before I go to bed I have a little banana snacky. That’s right, a cold, chocolate covered banana goodie topped with whatever I can find in my fridge. Usually I simply stick with coconut flakes, but not this time. For you guys I went fancy. Check out following toppings.

    Goji Berry. Gojis have been used for thousands of years in Tibet and China, both as a culinary ingredient and medicinally. On top they’re very yummy, that should be reason enough, righty?
    Poppy Seeds! I love everything made with poppy seeds, especially cakes. 
    Dried Mangos. Always a good idea. Almonds candied with Maple Syrup. That with the chocolate is a taste for the gods. Last but not least Smoked Sea Salt Flakes (Maldon) with dried Lavender Flower. Now I feel like stop writing. Snacky time. Oh but before I forget, I've been using 85 % dark chocolate for my icing and I leave my bananas for 15 minutes in my freezer before serving. Enjoy. 

    Photos / Styling / Food : Anna Wegelin 

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  • 04/25/14--07:01: HAIR YOU GO.

  • Well yeah this is exactly how I look like when ever I take a bubble bath, true story ya! Except of that I don’t have this badass bathtub Gorki was offering us during our stay in Berlin a few weeks ago. 
    I like using my bathing sessions for a deep conditioner treatment. 45 minutes once in a while is the perfect cure to boost my hair.

    Pssst, my favorite product for shiny, healthy and silky hair is the Kérastase Nutritive, Masquintense. Gals let me tell you, this hair product is magic! No kidding it’s really good. Try it and see for yourself.

    Dress by Ida Sjöstedt for Monki
    Bathtub by Gorki Apartments
     photos: Fabian Hart 

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  • 04/27/14--03:41: #BREAKFASTDIARIES
  • Photos / Food: Anna Wegelin

    Just a quick snapshot of my breakfast this morning. Oats with blueberry soy yogurt, topped with lemon sezt, strawberries, mint, walnuts, maple syrup, almonds, poppy seeds and dried lavender flower. Check my Instagram for more #breakfaststories -Anna Wegelin  

    Photos / Food: Anna Wegelin

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  • 04/30/14--03:06: GAME ON

  • Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom

    I got a basketball for easter, which I think was one of the best presents I’ve ever got! It’s so much fun, I've been playing for three hours last sunday. You bois & girls should try it. Find your Basketball Court here or the right look here...

    Sunnies- Mykita
    Top/Bag/Shoes Nike
    Hair- Mom 

    Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom

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    Video: Munchies

    Yo, Action! I love your mad rappin', but you know what I like even more? Your culinary adventures. Watching you talking about that Banana Split, uhh I like. MUNCHIESyou totally hit me with your new monthly series. I mean Action Bronson, Food and Rap. FUCK, THAT'S AWESOME!

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  • 05/08/14--01:29: FRESH BASIL TEA, ANYONE?

  • Photo: Anna Wegelin

    Remember myBasil SmashDrink a while ago? Back then I had so many basil leftovers that I had been using basil even for my afternoon tea. What started as one of my weird tryouts, had become one of my favorite things to drink, Basil Tea. 
    According to Ayurveda, basil has been a principal herb in the ancient holistic healing system for over 5000 years. The Basil they’re using is called Tulsi or Holy Basil and it treats diabetes, normalizing blood sugar and blood fats. Above that, I really like the taste. It’s worth a try. 
    Happy teatime. 

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    Photos: Anna Wegelin 

    What better way to start your weekend than with a cool and delish food market? That's right, there is no better way. Last Saturday I finally managed to check out Marktzeit, located in Hamburg, Altona Ottensen. A food market as its best. 
    When I got there I was surrounded by vegan lusciousness like pecan brownies, outstanding roasted coffee, superhearty lentil soups, exquisite jelly, dandelion syrup and also other non vegan goods like freshly baked brioche, macarons or organic pork.

    I kinda felt like one of those kids in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ with the golden ticket my hand. However Marktzeit isn't your average food market. Here you will find a lovely kids area, where your kiddos can draw, there is a little art corner, but what I like the most about this place is you can grab a basket and do some breakfast shopping. ‘Die Fabrik’ provides the perfect location to have gorgeous brunch with your family and friends. I saw people doing that and I was like WOAH I wanna do that too! 

    But I haven't left Marktzeit just with a fully loaded shopping bag. I also I had the chance to have a little chat with Max, the Co-Founder of Marktzeit (see picture with the Von Freude Beer).
    While talking with him about the concept and food, people came by and offered him their mouthwatering food. He was literally eating the most amazing snacks WHILE chatting about food and drinks. Damn Max you live my life! 

    I’m already looking forward to next saturday, need to restock my jam selection by Die Leckerei. Last time I bought ‘Apricot’ without any added sugar and 200 gram pod on 100 gram jam, distinctively delicious! I guess I see you there then. Happy Food Market Time!

    Saturdays between 9.30-3.00 am (only until June) Find more Informationhere.

    Photos: Anna Wegelin 

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    Photos: No.2, 4, 7 and 9 by Anna Wegelin. All other Images by NICOLE WEBER communications

    Canoe riding, tigerpythons, fire, scorpions, botanical flowers, a bar made of bamboo and bananas everywhere your eyes can see. Sounds like you’re somewhere in the jungle, right? But nope. All that went down, a few days ago in the middle of Hamburg City when Hendrick’s Gin invited my Broffice Fabian Hartand I to one of a kind event. 

    That night, David Piper and Master Distiller Lesley Gracie herself introduced us to a rare edition of Hendrick’s. An edition that is made with the exotic botanical Stachytarpheta Cayennensis. Dicovered in the Venezuelan rainforest by David and Lesley themselves, on their expedition to create a remarkable flavor.
    The local tribes call this specific botanical 'Scorpion Tail', but I simply stick with 'fukn delicious'. The taste is extraordinary and in no case comparable to anything else I tried before. What a bummer you will never have the chance to try this exquisite liquid. Distiller Lesley brought back only 8.4 liters and I'm kinda sure there is not that much left after the night in Hamburg. But there is no need to worry, in my upcoming post I will show how to go jungleish wild with the classic Hendrick's GinUntil then...Cheers!

    Photos: No.2, 4, 7 and 9 by Anna Wegelin. All other Images by NICOLE WEBER communications

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    Photos/GIF: Anna Wegelin, Helping Hand: Karina 

    We run the world, we own the night and we will run this town! Guys, I’m so excited to attend
    the WE OWN THE NIGHT race in Berlin this upcoming friday. Over 10.000 runners taking part in the race through Prenzlauer Berg and you know what? I’ve been actually training for this!

    I started exercising three months ago in March and on May 4th I managed to run my first Half Marathon. Seems like I came a long way, right? But to be honest, I literally died when I began with my training, I felt like chucking up after 5k and I probably looked like a dead person running. 

    So when I ran my first 10k I was super proud of myself. Since then I’m running at least 4-5 times a week from 10k to 17k. My goal for theNIKEWE OWN THE NIGHT run is to make them 10k under 55 minutes and to have loads of fun while running with a bunch of power girls next to me.
    Oh, and no one else then Miss Platinum herself will be giving an exclusive concert after the race. 
    So, you better hurry up now because today is the last call for registration, see you on friday! 

    Photos/GIF: Anna Wegelin, Helping Hand / Karina

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    Photos / GIF / Styling / Recipe / : Anna Wegelin

    Mostly I prefer my Gin simply served with a good tonic, like all of us I guess, but every now and then I also love sipping on a drink such as a tasty basil smash. A few weeks ago I found a dandelion syrup at the Marktzeit food market here in Hamburg. I thought it could be a wonderful mixture, so I’ve been mixing Hendrick’s Gin with the dandelion syrup, fresh lavender and a hint of some fresh sugarish lemon juice.
    Well we all know there is not that much that can go wrong if you know how to dose your ingredients, but in this case my drink wasn’t just okay, naahha it worked out magical. Dandelion goes hand in hand with the lavender and lemon is always king. 
    I think this drink can be perfect for a smooth & chill sunday afternoon, outside in your garden or balcony, well deserved after a day of doing nothing. To good drinks and lazy sundays...chin chin. 

    6cl Gin 
    Fresh Lavender  
    4cl Dandelion Syrup 
    2cl fresh sugarish Lemon Juice

    Mix all that in a shaker filled with ice. Now enjoy. 

    Photos / GIF / Styling / Recipe / : Anna Wegelin

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  • 06/03/14--10:31: A MOMENT.

  • Photos: Anna Wegelin

    Last Saturday. Berlin. Analog. Andraes Golder. Hedi Xandt. Tara Dougans. I live for moments like these. Thank god I ran out of film when we all got naked. Crazy Grillmaster. Contax. 800.  

    Photos: Anna Wegelin

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  • 06/06/14--01:58: JUICY

  • Photos / Food / Styling: Anna Wegelin

    Watermelon in your vitamin shake? Easy. Watermelon in your salad? Yeah we can do that. A cold summerish watermelon soup with chili and rosemary roasted chickpeas? Now we're talking.
    I’ve been doing a lot of watermelon creations lately and the savory watermelon chili soup was heavenly good, so fresh and full of flavors. 
    Last weekend my friends and I decided to have a very spontaneous dinner party. And when I say spontaneous I mean my friendHedi Xandt and I, we were standing in the grocery store with no clue at all what to cook. Luckily Hedi and I share the same love for food, so it was pretty easy to figure out a great last minute vegan menu. 

    We started with a simple slice of watermelon, served with a pesto made of basil, ginger, red onions, oil and pine nuts. And that is pretty much everything I remember from that night, not sure if I was that drunk or the watermelon just so good. But I tried a similar variation and I truly believe it was the watermelon with the pesto that made me lose my memory. 

    RecipeChop parsley, ginger, walnuts, basil and thyme. Add olive oil, maldon (smoked sea salt), fresh lemon juice and the zest of it. Serve it on top of your watermelon and et voilà! Happy Summertime everyone.

    Photos / Food / Styling: Anna Wegelin

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  • 06/07/14--03:19: BREATH

  • Photo: Anna Wegelin / Mom

    Summer is here. Can't wait to do this. 


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  • 06/20/14--00:05: NO TIME FOR BUSINESS BLUES

  • Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom

    Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom

    Silk Pants: Anna Wegelin, Lapka Collection
    Top: Karl Kani
    Coat: Phaedra -Secondella Hamburg 
    Turtleneck: American Apparel
    Portfolio Bag: Some Designer from Hong Kong, forgot the name, but it’s handmade and super nice. 

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