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    photos: anna wegelin & karina
    PSSSHHT...don't tell anyone, on the weekends I am a Superhero!! I'm flying around, like a badass with my Stine Goya, silky trenchcoat to protect Hamburg citizen. Last  night I saved a cute kitty cats life, just sayin! So this shit is for real. Gotta go, I hear a granny screaming.
    Trenchcoat by Stine GoyaShoes by & Other Storiesphotos: anna wegelin & karina

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    photos: anna wegelin
    I'm a total couch potato at the moment, but you know woat? I fukn love it! It's all about good food (pancakes for dinner), quality time with friends and work, work, work, work, plus everything is getting less blurry. I love how the last picture turned out, my messy & undone hair is perfectly made for blurry nights.
    Wool & cozy ca$hmere Dress, by Akris
    Lipstick by Yves Saint LaurentNo.8
    photos: anna wegelin

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    photos: anna wegelin
    I can't wait for the weekend to come, I will stay in bed all day long, I'll bake some kick ass triple bacon chocolate woateva cookies, I might go out for a cozy autumn walk in the park, I'll bring ma hawt chocolate fo sho ya and I'm plannin' some crazy & dirty pancake action. Woat are u guys up to? In case you're plannin' to watch some movies, check out The Kings of Summer, Behind the Candelabra and Lovelace, all of them are incredibly good!
    Angora Cardigan- Vintage, Skirt by & Other Storiesphotos: anna wegelin

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  • 09/25/13--01:34: G4LIFE Y'ALL
  • photos: anna wegelin / karina 
    Oh em gee! I'm super glad it's beenieseason again. I'm practically addicted to wear something on my head. It feels like a nice round up to almost all of my looks I like to put on.
    The G4LIFE shirt I'm wearing is my little souvenir from the River Island Collection by Rihanna. I've been checking it out, while I was in Amsterdam last weekend. The quality is a bit shitty, but I'm a fan of the attitude, so it happened that I bought myself a yellow shirt, what a rare thing. The first picture makes me look like a bad ass / some sort of a ninja gangsta, which I think is funny. Yeah me likey the bad gurl look, but deep down I'm a good gurl for sure.

    Angora Beenie by Topshop Hamburg
    Shirt byRiver Island 
    photos: anna wegelin / karina

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  • 09/25/13--14:13: WELCOME TO KAZAKHSTAN!
  • photos/video: anna wegelin 

    The Republic of Kazakhstan, is five times the size of France, but only has a population of just 17 million.
    What I'm trying to say is, there is a lot of room for everyone who lives in this beautiful country. A few weeks ago while I was there, I went camping with my family, which sounds like no biggie, but let me tell you a little bit about camping in Kazakhstan. First of all people are mad crazy there, you will get easily killed if you are at the wrong time at the wrong place. 
    This year there was this ridiculous killing series going on in the mountains and a lot of families got killed by terrorists for no reason. Well my family decided to go camping as well, oh dear let me tell you how happy I was when I heard about that.
    I went quite often on camping trips while I was a little kid, but times had changed so I must admit that I got a bit scared by the thought driving deep in into the mountains with no army in the back. 
    After a 5 hour ride with the Jeep towards China we've reached a heavenly nice spot surrounded by nature. 
    Not only that we've crossed rivers, which scared the shit out of me, also the temperature changed from 32 °C to 3 °C. 
    I guess that was mother natures refreshing welcome slap, just to say HI.

    By the time it got dark we only managed to make fire, to eat Russian bacon, but most important I tried everything to pass out by a good amount of alcohol, to survive the night sleeping peacefully like a snoring bear. But that didn't happen. The pussy out of me decided to stay awake all night long, waiting the terrorists to come. I was literally shitting my pants by the sounds of the rushing leaves, the chilly wind and the noisy crickets.
    Mother Nature was trying badly to sing me into sleep, by singing "Hush, little baby, don't say a word. Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird" but no, there I was, lying in my tent, listening  to all the whispering terrorists, who were about to kill all of us brutally with a stab knife, without leaving anyone behind.
    I woke up the next day, exhausted as fuck but hell yeah I was alive. No one talked about how their night or dreams were, but I wasn't the only one who was into celebrating life that day. Can't wait to tell you about my 2nd night in Part II, it got even be continued.

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    photos: anna wegelin
    Well camping is fun, but camping in the fun wilderness of Kazakhstan with a bunch of Russians aka my family can be different. Check out those life saving tips for Russian campers; Bacon, we don't do "Skinny Camping"! Try to eat as much bacon as you can. The fat keeps you warm during the frosty night. You're hungry? Get that pony over here and make yourself a Kasa sausage, it's a specialty made out of horse-meat. YUM!
    You will need Vodka, in case you're crossing a bear path you better wanna be drunk as fuck. If you're Russian you'll be trying to fight with the bear, of course! First you will try to trick the bear with aclassical Russian dance to confuse the bear, then you attack the bear with your hands, you're Russian and drunk, you don't need any weapons. 
    So you're fighting with a three meter tall bear and you realize you're about to lose, that's your chance to do the dance again...okay that doesn't help, the bear will rip off your arm but that shit doesn't hurt you, remember you're Russian and drunk. 
    But let me get back to my 2nd night. I was pretty exhausted by drinking brandy & eating too much baby lamb. So I felt asleep like a little princess until my sister woke me up in the middle of the night to ask me if I heard that car stopping by? Fuck yeah, a car stopped by.
    Just to make this clear, we are in the middle of fukn nowhere, no one stops by in the night, there are no people around. Sometimes you see a unicorn flying by, but that's about it. 
    The people in the car turned off their light & jumped out off it. The next thing I hear is a few guys are running around our tent. True story guys! I'm not kidding. So my little sister asked me what to do? And I was like, I dunno. I mean what can you do in this situation. I started thinking, but that took me too long. I was thinking about all the possibilities to scare a terrorist, meanwhile my sister felt asleep, but I was still awake. In the end I decided to play dead and I started praying. 
    I was praying and waiting but nothing happened, no one tried to kill me and I couldn't hear anyone anymore. Weird story, but true for real. The next day I woke up everyone was still alive, what a good reason to start the day with a shot of vodka! Nazdorov'je.
    photos: annawegelin

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    photos/cake : anna wegelin
    It's official, you can call me "The Pancake Queen", so bow down and gimme the bacon crown I deserve!
    What I did here is not only a seven layer chocolate cream cake. NO!! The pancakes are soaked with a buttery, maple syrup & cognac sauce. The bacon is candid and the chocolate cream is fluffy as cotton. It's not a cake anymore it's fukn Art. You won't believe how I freaked out when I finished the cake, it was truly overwhelming, but that is what bacon does to me all the time.
    photos/cakeanna wegelin

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    photos: anna wegelin
    Kazakhstan is great, I love the stunning and various landscapes, but what I adore the most are the hearty people. There are loads of major riach biatche$ in this country, but most of the population is very poor. The Gap between is just nuts.  Every time I‘m back in Abai, the village I grew up in, I‘m overwhelmed by the friendly and wonderful kindness around me. Those guys have very little in their life and when I say little I mean they can‘t even afford to eat meat, to buy soft drinks and all that „normal“ stuff we are carelessly used to. 

    So it happened that my Granny‘s best friend, Hazho invited me over for tea. When I got there I was welcomed by the whole family. Hazho bought soft drinks like Coca Cola and served me dumplings filled with meat. I couldn't believe how open-hearted those people greeted me in their life and treated me with those goodies they actually couldn‘t afford. 
    Well and this is Kazakhstan to me, a land full with honest and good people with a heart made out of fukn diamonds!
    photos: anna wegelin

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    photo/gif: annawegelin 
    Damn it! I la la la la love my new socksby Monki. photo/gif: anna wegelin

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  • 10/18/13--02:57: FOODWALKING
  • photos: anna wegelin / karina

    Some people have problems with sleepwalking. I'm foodwalking. I eat food all the time. I do fruit snacking while I'm working, my bed changes into candy land while I'm watching movies and everytime I'm supposed to dream about fresh oysters in France or smoking hot pancakes on a Sunday, I'm doing my nightly food walk straight to the kitchen. Mostly it happens during a full moon phase or everytime I'm trying to lose some bacon (that usually never works out). Whenever I open the fridge door, I'm grabbing randomly to any kind of food. 
    I snack pizza, cheese, soup, leftovers and basically everything eatable, no matter if it's hot or cold. Don't get me wrong, I'm not eating proper meals only tiny bits, but still.  My family & good friends know about my nightly food affair, I don't wanna name it a problem, even though it feels weird sometimes.  For instance last night I went to the pitch dark kitchen to get some taco cheese flavored chips and I was just like what the fuck am I doing here? What was the trigger that made me do this?
    Perhaps I had a nightmare, or imagine I had a good dream about food and then I was like, okay let‘s make this dream come true, who knows? Sometimes I wonder If I would stop, if I had a boyfriend next to me, but there is no one. Okay that's not true, my teddy bear is there, but whenever I ask him he looks up to me with his reddish evil eyes and he says: „Go and get that bacon Gurl“. 

    It feels like I'm seeking for happines 24/7 and I'm not even scared satisfying my needs at all hours.
    But how far can I go and how much can I eat? Does my stomach have a limit? Obviously not. Should I try to stop, do I have to feel disgusted?
    I don't know why, but it feels like some sort of natural foodoo to me. What about an exorcism? Dear god have mercy on me, release my body from that bacon and let me go? Nah, it might be hopeless and the truth is I don't wanna stop. It makes me giggle already in the morning and that sounds like a good way to start the day, right? 
    Although Dr. Wikipedia tells me something about SRED the Parasomnia sleep-related eating disorder. That sounds like some heavy shit man. I feel confused now, honestly. One second ago I was fine, now I‘m having an eating disorder? I should snack about it and start the day right with a nutritious breakfast and that's the point.
    If you take care of your body with sports and healthy food, a nightly food affair won't break your neck. 
    Happy night eating folks!

    photos: annawegelin / karina
    Nightgown- La Perla, Dressing gown-La Perla

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    photos: anna wegelin
    Season food is great. I love my fresh spinach in spring time. I can‘t get enough of sweet strawberries & cherries in summer. I would die without grapes in autumn and there is no way I could live without root veggies in winter. 
    I  R E S P E C T my groceries and I think everyone should. Go and find yourself a vegetable dealer you can trust. Eat the season. Know where that little baby lamp is from, eat the happy beef. Skip those tasteless strawberries in winter and maybe start growing your own fruits or veggies. In part II I will show you guys nice & easy recipes for current seasonal food like pumpkin, salsify, black radish and beet-root. Stay hungry! 
    photosanna wegelin

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    photos/illustration: anna wegelin

    Daruma is not just one of the very few Japanese restaurants in Hamburg, it's also one of my favorite food places in town. My buddy & good friendFabian Hart introduced me to this lovely & super charming restaurant. It's located next to Deichtorhallen and the dining room itself is truly old & unpretty. Well I don't care about that at all, the food is just too good! You will get great Ramen, Tempura, Sushi and crazy Japanese dishes like Nato (fermented soybeans).

    To be honest I think everything tastes great at Daruma, I could totally die for their matcha ice cream, that's how yummy it is. You guys should check it out, but make sure to make a reservation it's quite busy sometimes.
    Phone 040 326632 From Monday to Saturday, Sunday closed

    photos/illustration: annawegelin

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  • 10/24/13--02:18: BOO! HAPPY HALLOWEEN
  • photos: anna wegelin / karina
    I'm so excited about Halloween. I will do trick or treat with my little sisters and I'm gonna rock a party dressed as la bellamuerte the beautiful death. If you're planning to go out you shouldn't miss The House of Haunted HeartsParty in Berlin or the HallowienerParty in Hamburg. If you're too pussy to go out, check my top horror films below- Oh EM gee I fukn love horror movies!

    We are what we are-Damn this movie is fine. Jim Mickle created pure beauty with this film.
    Sinister- I love this movie by genius Scott Derrickson! I could write poems about this one, just sayin'.
    The Conjuring- You can't go wrong with The Conjuring. It's perfectly directed, plus the soundtrack & the cast is great. Well done James Wan.
    Tucker and Dale vs Evil-Creepy but funny as fuck.
    Or go classy with The Blair Witch Project, Poltergeist, The Exorcist, The Shining, Kinder des Zorns, Chucky, die Mörderpuppe, Psycho or Nightmare.

    Btw check this videohow to create a great bellamuerte Make Up byMichelle Phan.
    Thank you Karina for showing me this.  
    photos: anna wegelin / karina

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  • 10/29/13--07:26: WORK / MAGGI KOCHSTUDIO

  • photos/ vine videos: anna wegelin

    Guys, check out the work I did for Maggi Kochstudio. Yeah you heard right, a few weeks ago I produced some fancy vine videos, to promote their new product named "So Saftig braten". The Project was art directed by the agency Razorfishand I had a blast realizing the briefing in a cool way. What you get to see are easy peasy cooking hacks to simplify various moves in your kitchen. BIG UP for Maggi & Razorfish, I had a good time working with you folks.
    You will find all the other videos on their vine channel. BOOM!

    photos/ vine videos: anna wegelin

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  • 11/06/13--02:54: QUADRON LIVE IN HAMBURG
  • photosanna wegelin

    Last nightQuadron was given an amazing concert here in Hamburg and I had the pleasure to see them!
    It was my first time I've seen gorgeous Coco live on stage and guys let me tell you how unbelievable good, she and her band is! I like Coco Malaika a lot, she is totally doing her thing, she is authentic, her music is straight from the soul and she knows to convey feelings without a big deal. Coco you're simply kick ass, I truly admire your confidence along with your real spirit. Check out theinterviewI did with her once, or go and see them tonight in Berlin. They will be playing at Crystal.

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    photo/food: anna wegelin

    Remember my EAT THE SEASON post  a while ago? Yesterday I finally found the time to have a one on one with the black radish. But why black radish? Have you used this root veggie lately? It's major yummy, the sweetness mingled with a hint of tangy taste had totally the power to highlighting my dish. Furthermore black radish is in season now.
    I served my grated radish salad with an avocado/cucumber/lemon cream and I topped it with a delicious red snapper loin. Obviously this creation can't be any healthier, plus you won't need more than 20 minutes to create it.

    Shred the black radish, mixed it up with a little bit of yogurt and add one or two teaspoons of horseradish. In general you will never hear me talking about salt & pepper, that's your business. I always overdo both, it's just because I love salt.
    That was already the first step, wasn't that easy? Let's continue with the avocado cream. Therefore you only need to purée following ingredients--> cucumber, avocado and freshly squeezed lemon juice. BOOM done!
    Season the red snapper loin with garlic and sauté it in olive oil on each side.

    Guys, feel free to fancy up this recipe. Work with a nutty crust, cook a buttery lemon sauce or wrap the fish up with 
    Jamón ibérico. I would definitely do that, but I need to decrease my ham/bacon wrapping behavior, otherwise I will end up wrapping everything I see. Bon Appétit!

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    photos/food: anna wegelin

    When I was a kid I hated beetroot! I exactly remember the day when my auntie forced me to eat Borscht, which is a traditional Russian soup made with beetroot and like every other kiddie I was like fuck them veggies, but there was no way to say NO to my aunt so I kept on eating and that's how my Beetroot trauma began. It took me 20 years to heal, but I finally made it. I'm friends with beetroot now. What a good reason to celebrate with a salad, made out of beetroot, YEAH!

    I worked with three different types for my salad, golden beet, Chioggia beet & red beet, but I did that for no particular reason, so feel free to use any kind of beetroot. You can cook or bake them like potatoes, it's the same time & temperature, but  be careful with the root tuber, otherwise the beetroot's color will bleed.
    I've used cooked and raw beetroot to preserve vitamins. For the salad you will only need to add yogurt, walnuts and loads of garlic. For some extra I topped my salad with feta cheese and candied walnuts. You can do that, or use warm goat cheese instead. Happy healthy weekend y'all!

    photos/food: annawegelin

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  • 11/12/13--03:58: XXPLOSIVE
  • photos: anna wegelin / mom

    What up y‘all? I know it sounds major girly, but I have so many beautiful new & old things in my closet! I felt like I have to show you these with a kick ass shoot. So I went into the woods to set some smoke-bombs on fukn fire! Xxplosive y‘all like my new Opening Ceremony Sweater I recently bought at Voo Store and my next level stunning clutch I got from Hoss Intropia. I‘m sure you know Voo Store, but in case you haven‘t heard of Hoss Intropia yet, it‘s a real cool Label from Spain, but let me get back to that another time! For now check them out online, while I'm working on my proper introducing about them YA.
    Pink Velour Leather Clutch-Hoss Intropia
    LOVE ME TENDER Sweater-Voo Store (Opening Ceremony)
    Jacket-Vintage (Inspiration Archive Viktor&Rolf)
    Beanie-American Apparel

    photos: annawegelin / mom

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    photos/ shakes: anna wegelin 

    I have a confession to make, I‘m addicted to vitamin shakes. But being obsessed with them doesn‘t feel wrong. Far from it! I feel like I start the day the best possible way. It‘s a quick and healthy breakfast, but what I like the most about vitamin shakes are the Vitamins. Jesus! My Skin got so much butter, well okay thank god I never had a bad skin, but still there is a difference between a normal skin and a glowing skin topped with rosy cheeks. If you guys start with sports and healthy eating, you will glow like a firefly, for real! You should try it. So bring your shake to the yard, all the boys will follow! Check my recipes here.

    Olivia, Popeye‘s Wife. That one is my favorite! Mix up following ingredients- Spinach, Kefir, Rucola, Cucumber, Parsley, Olive-Oil, Salt & Peper. You can use one of those fancy Vitamix tools, but you don‘t have to. I‘m using a regular Mixer and it goes well.
    Facts: Spinach is rich in antioxidants and it's a good source of vitamin A, C, E, K and on & on! Vitamins C and E can help protect the skin against sun damage and skin cancer.

    Mila Superstar. Mila is great. I always have a Mila Skake every time I feel a little bit under the weather. You need fresh Grapefruit Juice, Buttermilk, Olive-Oil, loads of fresh Ginger and a grated Carrot. Sometimes I add Aloe Juice, but that's one of those fancy ingredients you probably won‘t have at home. SLAP!
    Facts:Grapefruit helps lower cholesterol and it's a rich source of vitamin C. The Carrot gets its bright orange color from beta carotene and beta carotene makes your cheeks pink.

    Bämanna. Not on the pictures, but most def on my top list! You need a Banana, Coconut Water, Dates, Cinnamon and Oats. This shake tastes even better straight after your workout. 
    Facts: Well we all know coconut water makes your body go banana. It has marked as natural energy drink due to its high potassium and mineral content. Potassium ions are necessary for the function of all living cells. Oats feature a good mix of soluble fiber and eating high fiber foods helps prevent heart disease.

    Guys, feel free to create your own shake. There are so many vitamins with the possibility to boost your inner and outer beauty. Fuck those expansive beauty products and find your way to your next veggie dealer, NOW!

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  • 11/22/13--09:50: BASIL SMASH / MONKEY 47
  • photos/video: anna wegelin

    Thank God it's Friday! Time for exquisite food and most important strong & delicate drinks. I will kick off my weekend with the Basil Smash. Jörg Meyer of Le Lioninvented this drink a few years ago here in Hamburg. Since then the Basil Smash has become majorly popular around the world. It's also one of my favorite drinks and to be honest I cherish the Basil Smash so much that can't have enough of this tasty drink. If you don't have the chance to try the original Basil Smash at the Le Lion Bar, you should definitely try to make one at home. It's pretty easy, but you guys should watch the video I made for you. Chin Chin.

    You will need following ingredients 5-6 cl Gin. I used theMonkey 47 Gin, oh man I'm absolutely head over heels for this Schwarzwald Dry Gin. 
    2 cl simple syrup
    2 – 2,5 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
    1 sprig basil
    Le Lion 
    20095 Hamburg

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